not clam chowder

Not Clam Chowder

I usually make my clam chowder using a combination of canned chopped and whole baby clams. Finding the right kind of live clams has always been a challenge for me, regardless of where I live. However, when I do see them in the seafood case – I snab them because nothing beats the liquor (clam […]

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How To De-Seed A Pomegranate

Have You Ever Wondered How to Get Those Seeds Out Of A Pomegranate? Pomegranate seeds add such a nice crunch to salads, yogurt and almost anything else you decide to put them on – but they are so darn messy! If you are lucky to have an especially ripe pomegranate, the juice will spill out […]

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The Art of Using A Can Opener

Everyday Cooking Can Be Fun At Mama Caruso Cooks we make cooking accessible for everyone and make everyday cooking fun. We all have to eat, it is part of the human condition and eating usually involves some kind of cooking. So let’s wrap our arms around everyday cooking and have some fun in the kitchen. […]

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