The Art of Using A Can Opener

Everyday Cooking Can Be Fun

At Mama Caruso Cooks we make cooking accessible for everyone and make everyday cooking fun. We all have to eat, it is part of the human condition and eating usually involves some kind of cooking. So let’s wrap our arms around everyday cooking and have some fun in the kitchen.

Taking the Intimidation Out of the Kitchen

It always amazes me while watching the zillions of cooking shows that I do, when a chef turns their nose up at canned goods that end up in the mystery box or are challenged to use some form of processed food that they proclaim they “would never use in their kitchen”. Well I want to ask – what family’s kitchen are you really cooking in?

Balancing work and family, balancing family and family are huge tasks and to imply that someone isn’t really cooking if they use canned goods is crazy-making and impractical. While I like using fresh ingredients, much of my cooking is made in the Sandra Lee style of “mostly homemade”. I have no problem cracking open a can of something or many somethings if the final product is going to be delicious food that I will be proud to serve and that my family would love to eat.

The Art of Using A Can Opener – Own Your Kitchen 

One vital piece of kitchen equipment is a good can opener. I run through them frequently and have not mastered the electric can opener – some of my best food fails involve an electric can opener. So become a rockstar in your own kitchen and master a can opener…and embrace the ease and convenience of canned foods.

Join Mama Caruso Cooks Cooking Club and let’s share cooking hacks and tips while cooking together and having fun … from my kitchen to yours. What are some of your “go-to” favs that involve opening a can? I’d love to hear from you!


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