Dreaming of Donuts in Merryville USA

This live episode of Dreaming of Donuts in Merryville USA brings together a vibrant cast of neighbors, friends and family in Mayor Mallory, the Matchmaker’s kitchen for some dreaming of donuts. Watch while this cast of characters makes donuts, donut holes and decorates their donuts to suit their personalities…ah – what will the matchmaker make? […]

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What’s In Your Picnic Pantry?

Whether you are planning a day picnic or an extended outing, the staples you pack in your picnic pantry will give you the most food flexibility. This checklist from Mama Caruso Cooks includes some basic pantry supplies for your picnicking enjoyment: Basic Picnic Pantry Collapsible table Table cloth 2 cutting boards 2 knives 2 plastic […]

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Roasting Walnuts To Bring Out The Flavor

Warm-up by roasting walnuts Nothing warms up a kitchen in the cold winter than having the oven on and something cooking. Not only does the heat permeate through the kitchen, but the lovely smells of whatever you are cooking draws your friends and family into your kitchen. Roasting walnuts helps to release the natural oils […]

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