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Cooking Tips and Hacks: Measure Much?

What is a pinch of salt? Or a sprinkle of sugar? The great thing about cooking is that both of these ingredients, salt and sugar, can be adjusted to match the palate of those eating. Finding just the right amount takes practice and should be adjusted based on your desires.

I am a super-salter, I LOVE salt, but not everyone I cook for does, so I have to moderate the amount of salt that I use when cooking for others. I have learned this over time. So, when a recipe calls for a seasoning and says …”to taste” do just that, add the seasoning, just a pinch and then taste and keep tasting until it is just right.

Recipes are like roadmaps

…and it is absolutely okay to experiment with roads less traveled. Spice it up with cayenne, sweeten with a little honey or add something that just sounds good and become a rockstar in your own kitchen.

When I am faced with a new recipe or idea to try in the kitchen, I typically follow the recipe (for the most part), and then make notes on the recipe about things that I liked or didn’t like and I get feedback from those joining me – that helps me decide how to proceed the next time I am attempting to make something my own.

To measure or not to measure…

Go ahead – try adding something fun to your next dish and trust your kitchen intuition…don’t measure much and keep tasting until it tastes like something you want to eat. Have fun with this, sometimes the most bizarre additions turn out surprisingly well.

We all have to eat which means someone has to cook and it is okay to have fun in the kitchen. Experimenting and trying a variety of spices, herbs, ingredients…adds some surprise to every dish. After a while, you won’t have to measure much either.

I’d love to hear from you – are you a measurer or not?

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