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when you are in Merryville you have to have doggie donuts with Mama Caruso Cooks

Doggie Donuts in Merryville

What kind of doggie donuts do pooches like? When Mama Caruso Cooks was invited into the kitchen of Matchmaker Mallory of Merryville USA to make donuts with Mallory’s friends and family – there was one special friend we didn’t have any special treats for – the pups who hang out with Paloma at the Pouf […]

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Mama Caruso Cooks with zucchini

All Things Zucchini

What fruit starts with Z? The zucchini! Zucchini is in season and coming fast. I love to use zucchini fresh out of the garden and experiment with recipes. In this episode of Hacks and Tips Mama Caruso shares some fun ideas about working with zucchini – what’s your favorite way to use this flexible fruit? Sweet […]

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Talking with knives is a new episode of Mama Caruso Cooks

Talking with Knives

As a good Italian, Mama Caruso talks with her hands and in the kitchen filled with knives…sometimes things get dicey! This episode of Hacks and Tips looks at Mama’s favorite knives and what to do with them. Watch this video and then go to Check out some of Mama’s recipes to make with your new […]

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