Membership in my Cooking Club gives you exclusive opportunities to be part of a global kitchen party – all from the comfort of your own home.

Sound like fun?!

Your Cooking Club Membership includes:
  • access to at least two LIVE cooking events each month with Mama
  • recipes for the event
  • a shopping list
  • preparation instructions (if necessary)
  • coupons and special offers for ingredients & kitchen tools & equipment
  • links after the show to connect and replay the episode

Mama Caruso Cooks: membership benefits - LIVE CookingCooking & Interacting 

Here’s how this works: You login at the specified LIVE time and watch as Mama gets cooking. You can watch, you can send questions and even have Mama talk to you during the event.

IF YOU WANT to talk to her, you can … if not, follow along with the group.


Make New Kitchen Friends

Your membership in the Mama Caruso Cooking Club connects you with people from all over the world who want to learn, share and engage with other everyday cooks from the comfort of our kitchens. Your membership offers you an exclusive behind the scenes pass to share tips, photos, hacks and ideas for taking the intimidation out of the kitchen and having fun cooking.

Mama Caruso Cooks: Taking the intimidation out of your kitchen!

Join the Mama Caruso Cooking Club and learn interesting things about traditions and cooking hacks from all over the world. Let’s learn together.