Cooking & Interacting Together Live

Your link to the online interactive cooking experience will connect you with Mama Caruso live and her Sous Techs along with all of your new kitchen friends who want to master everyday cooking and have fun making recipes your own together.

Modify Recipes

Have you ever wondered how to modify recipes to replace an ingredient because of food sensitivities or just because you don’t like something? There is no need to throw away the entire recipe – during each cooking club episode we look at modifications, substitutions and suggestions for making a recipe your own.

Make A Recipe Your Own

A recipe is a roadmap which you can choose to follow, or decide to launch from to have an adventure. Just because a chef has put their seal of approval on a recipe does NOT mean you have to follow it, especially if it contains ingredients that you do not like.  Following recipes is helpful if you want to create the food described, and Mama Caruso cooks with recipes, as a starting point and then makes them mine. You can too.

Mama Caruso Cooks Standard Recipe Modifications

Mama Caruso Cooks for a variety of friends and family with special food needs and desires, all recipes cooked in the live episodes come with three standard modifications if they are available:

  • gluten-free alternatives
  • vegetarian options
  • high altitude cooking modifications

Recipes for the episodes include these modifications and a column for you to add your own changes as you become a rockstar in your kitchen making your own music.

Interactive Kitchen to Kitchen Troubleshooting

Everyone has a food fail. From realizing in the middle of cooking that you don’t have the key ingredient or you just added sugar instead of salt…we fix these things together live. Food fails are the best way to learn and cooking club members learn from each other in real time and  in the Mama Caruso Cooking Club member connection section.

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