Brie Appetizer with Fig Jam

This brie appetizer dressed up with a slightly tart jam is a quick and easy recipe when you are short on time before guests arrive.

Brie Appetizer with Fig Jam
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: Serves 5-6 guests
  • 1 small wheel of brie cheese
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of fig jam
  1. Slice brie lengthwise
  2. Cut the entire cheese wheel down the middle
  3. Lay the brie pieces flat on a platter so that one of the soft sides are facing up
  4. Using a spatula or small knife drop a pea sized jam in the center of each piece of brie
  5. You can spread the jam or leave it as is - or a combination of both

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Mama’s Notes:


Brie appetizer with fig jam ready to go

Brie is a soft cheese and is usually served at room temperature; however that makes it more difficult to cut as thinly as you need to for this recipe. If you want the brie to be soft, follow the recipe as directed above, place the cheese on a cracker (to hold the soft cheese) and then let soften.

I especially love fig jam for this recipe, but any slightly tart spread will work too – experiment and have fun – try raspberry, sour cherry, orange marmalade or even jalapeno jam – yummmm. Or try two or three different kinds of jam on the same platter – think about how colorful that will be!

Can I eat the “skin” on the brie appetizer with fig jam?

Absolutely. I like the white casing around the sweet creamy cheese, but my sister-in-law cuts it off because she does not like the texture. You’ve gotta do what works for you.

Add some nuts and fruit and you have a party platter

This brie appetizer with fig jam pairs nicely with salty crackers, grapes and small pieces of dark chocolate.

One thing you can do to really make this dish stand out is to serve it on a special platter or a long narrow bowl. We experience food with our eyes before we eat and dressing up such a simple recipe will make your guests feel special.

Have guests arriving in 10 minutes (or cooking for a party of one)?

I love to keep a brie wheel in my fridge just in case I have unexpected company. It is easy to put on a cutting board with a little jar of jam and a bowl of crackers and you have an elegant quick appetizer

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